Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Potty Training...again?!

Wait a second I only have one kid!
I have already done the potty training!
What is going on?! I was very proud when I was able to say that Ainsley was fully potty trained before her second birthday. Other than over night and nap time she never slipped up. Then one day she woke up a apparently decided playing was much more fun than getting up and going potty. It wasn't just a few drops in her pants, no these were full blown soaked through the pants accidents. Or are they? Are they really accidents or is this some sort of defiant power struggle that she has figured out? Can my two year old really be this manipulative? A perfect example of why I think she just doesn't care anymore. I took her to Nana's house and she was squatting down playing with toys and muttered something to me but in a strained voice. I finally look over and her and sure enough my child is peeing right on the floor, I mean a freaking puddle of pee like she was a dog marking her territory! What is going on?!

So we have been going through this little phase for about a month now and she has gotten a lot better but still not back to where she was. She will also still have times where she pees through her pants. Fortunately, she always goes number 2 in the potty. So now here is what I want to know! Are these really accidents, because sometimes she does go in the potty and others she starts in her pants but is able to stop it and get to the potty. Or is this in fact just plain out defiance? Like does she just not feel like going so she's not, like I said she always goes number 2 in the potty so she clearly knows how to hold stuff in!
Is this a common thing that happens? I am pretty sure not one of the potty training books say anything thing about this!
Has anyone else gone through something like this? If so how did you get through it and get them back on track? That said how can I get her potty trained through the night without having to wake up 5 times and change her sheets. She won't go to sleep until she has a diaper on for some reason so she just plays then says she has to go potty, but doesn't. This cycle repeats until I am tired of the false potty alarms and I just give up a put a diaper on her, then poof she is out like a light! Wakes up the next morning with a full diaper! I am baffled!


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  2. Angela - I have yet to reach the potty training phase - not really looking forward to it! Following you from MBC. Look forward to reading more!

  3. I am following you from MB I hope you follow me too. As soon as I opened your blog I truley enjoyed it. Oh potty raining as I told my sister I believe it's a test for parents to test their will and patience.
    have a great day.

  4. I honestly don't remember potting training with my boys. I know pretty soon I will be working with my daughter so those are good questions.

  5. My daughter is 2 and HATES the potty. I had a baby boy when she was 19 mo old so we held off on training. She has no desire so we're not pushing it. She'll go in time... and right now... I don't have the time to train!

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  6. Hi I am following from MBC! I just posted today on starting potty training with my son! Too funny! Good luck - I am so lucky that Sophia never went back. Ainsley will get it. I would say to go potty at night and then put a pull up on for actual bed. This is what we did with Sophia and told her she could wake us up if she needed to go. It worked. We focused on the days and let the nights take care of themselves. When she had been dry for a couple momths at night we asked her if she wanted to pick some special underpants since she was such a big girl. Just one idea. Good luck!

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  8. I don't really have any suggestions... as my almost 3-year-old didn't go through this.

    I will say GOOD LUCK!

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  9. I went through this many years ago...and yes it's normal. They all go at their own pace with setbacks and great times. Like the saying goes, sometimes ya feel like a nut...sometimes you don't.

  10. Hi there! Just found you on MBC. What a great blog. Funny enough, I just posted on potty training yesterday. Check it out if you want! The photo of your little girl on the potty is adorable btw. Here's that post:


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  11. I started potty training months ago and then my daughter lost interest. We plan on picking it back up soon. Good luck! I'm now following from MBC.
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  12. Oh no! Not potty training woes! I have a 14 month old and one on the way and I keep hoping he will show very early interest in learning to use the potty (snort). I doubt it though! Good luck!

    Found you on MBC =)

  13. My 2 girls were fairly easy to potty-train. My son is a little different. He is 5yo and he has Autism...a totally different experience for us. Getting ready to try AGAIN during the holiday break. I have pulled out all the stops...stickers, treats, little $store toys...I hope it all works this time :) Good luck to you!

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  14. We had some great posts on our site about potty training. It WILL get better...eventually :)

    A happy and healthy New Year to you and your little one :)

    Stefanie from http://pediatricsafety.net

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