Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let's Get Personal!

Alright, so I am now three posts deep. I guess this would be a good time to share a little more about myself.
I come from a very christian, southern baptist family. I am the middle child of an older brother and younger sister. Regardless of what my first post may imply, I love my family and am so fortunate to have come from such a wonderful loving background. I met Scott when I was 17, yes 17 years old! After dating for a few months I realized that he wasn't like most people.
He was insane!
But...I think I am to an extent, so I didn't go running in the other direction!
He is a middle child as well to two sisters. He lost his dad when he was 7, so his mom raised the three of them. Even though I may refer to his family as an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, I couldn't have asked for better in-laws!

Well, needless to say Scott and I dated for about 4 years. Then came the surprise of our lives, Ainsley was on the way! Now both of us coming from rather religious backgrounds both of our families were pushing for a wedding before I was due. And yes, that is what happened. Do I regret it, not really, would I ever want a re-do wedding ABSOLUTELY!
You may ask yourself why, well let me tell you!
To start off with I WAS PREGNANT!
I ballooned with Ainsley! Previously being a tiny and petite girl squeezing into things wasn't something I was used to.
Well on this day, my wedding day, I had to squeeze myself into the dress that I bought one month before.
Great start to the best day of my life right!
So it is about the time for the ceremony to start, so I go to put on my shoes, my feet are too wide! So now I am walking down the isle barefoot and unable to breathe. Scott on the other hand looked wonderful. His groomsmen looked well...drunk! GREAT! Scott was so nervous! My dad was the one marrying us and when it came time for Scott to say his vows to me, wait for it....
He didn't look at me once! So really, he married my dad. Fantastic!
As you can imagine the reception went just about as well as everything else.
So needless to say a renewal of vows in a few years would be a very welcome suggestion!

So now that I have vented a bit about that day! We had Ainsley on 09/15/2007. She is now, do the math, two and VERY two years old! I do stay at home with her but I also watch my 11 mo niece Jerri during the day. I definitely didn't know what I was signing up for with that one! Jerri started to crawl and that was the day my sweet little girl turned into this possessive monster. She didn't know what was going on or how Jerri was getting to all of her toys! Now as Jerri is getting even faster and wanting to walk they have become enemies! Seriously! They both swing at each other, Jerri grabs chunks of Ainsley's hair. It's a mess!

This brings me to the question that I ask myself everyday.
Do I really want another one? Do I really want to go through this ALL day and ALL night, EVERYDAY?
I still do not have the answer to that question!


  1. Great post!... And I like the blog. I like blogs that are just personal in nature (and aren't too commercialized... so your blog appeals to me).

    I have one boy and he is 2 as well (although he will be three January 23rd). He is very active and rough...

    Anywho... as for the having another kid thing... I am right there with you. They are wonderful but they are also a TON of work... and they can be draining (or at least my son drains me).

    Well, I hope you get your vow renewal one day and good luck with little Ainsley!

    - Melissa

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  3. Hey,
    when you're ready, you're ready to face all the challenges!

    I had a good 1-to-1 time with my 1st born for 3 years before my 2nd boy arrived. at 3, he is able to entertain himself and not as attention seeking as compare to a 2 years old.

    what you are going through now, the craziness.. its largely due to the close age gap of Ainsley and Jerri. =)

    its a blessing to see sibling being together, just like today Dylan took the calendar and started teaching his baby brother about dates and numbers. =)

    and yes, go for your vow renewal. be the prettiest bride on earth!

  4. I love your blog! You are a great writer. You'll do well in blogging, I'm sure. And hopefully Mom Bloggers Club will help you and me both! Good luck, and God bless you and your family!

  5. I love this blog! Very cute and your daughter is adorable!
    I too was pregnant whole dating and got married before baby came and have no regrets!
    Good luck with your blogging!
    I'm here to follow you thru The Girl Next Door!
    Come and visit my blog, I'm having a great giveaway!

  6. I swore I wasn't ready for a second child. We wanted to wait until our first was 2 and then we would talk about it. Shortly after our daughter turned one I found out I was pregnant. I was shocked and scared and now I think it was one of the best things that could have happened because they will be close in age and hopefully be friends as they get older.
    Joy @

  7. siblings are very important for any child..

    you will know when you are ready..

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  8. Nice to "meet" you. I hope you keep blogging.

    I was married young too (20) but we didn't have our first for 5 years. In my opinion my husband and I didn't grow up or learn to really love each other until our first child came. Boy was my learning curve with our first baby hard! But....

    22 years and 7 kids later we couldn't be happier.

  9. We have four and each one was a surprise. You'd think we'd figure out what causes it at some point. Each time we (I) got pregnant we asked ourselves, are we sure we want to have another one? Of course at that point it's a bit late in the process, right? Oh well. Having one was the hardest for me - I was so selfish that having to put somebody else's needs before mine was HARD!!! #2 was difficult - it was no longer 2 hands for 1 child, instead one-on-one (my husband works a lot, so most falls to me). #3 - easy, #4 {almost} a pie of cake - except now that he's almost 2 I'm about ready to pull my hair out!

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  11. It was good learning a little bit about you.

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  13. Hi there. I saw your blog on SITS and decided to drop by to say, "hello". It's nice to "meet" you. I wish you all the best in 2010.

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  19. Oh, but she's cute! Yes, two little ones are exHAUsting... bless you. At least some days there's enough cuteness to balance it all out :)

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