Monday, November 9, 2009

The dreaded Holidays! (or are they?)

Ok, so this is my very first blog! Wow, talk about pressure!

Well I am a SAHM. I have a two year old monster named Ainsley!

Hmm Stay at home mother, sounds like a dream right?! I do have to say I am blessed to be able to stay at home. However, it's not really a choice, daycare is so damn expensive I am not sure how we haven't completely returned to the 50's where every woman stays at home!
Staying at home ALL DAY EVERY DAY can wear on someone's nerves! Just go to the park or mall right? That is a lovely solution when you have transportation. Our ONE drivable vehicle is used to take Scott to work everyday.

Enough about that, I get stressed thinking about it!

So Thanksgiving is coming up! I haven't really decided if I am excited or completely dreading it. I mean between traveling 30 minutes to my parents house just to stay a few hours eat a little bit and get a guilt trip because we have to leave so soon to drive 30 minutes back to see Scott's family. I do have to say after a day filled with my family a nice dinner and wine (lots) with his family doesn't really sound too bad!


  1. I am totally with you. We just moved closer to my hubby's family and while I LOVE them - they drive me mad! Wherever we spend thanksgiving and in whatever order a glass or bottle of wine will be a requirement at the end of the day! Loving your blog already...I 'm scared my sitcom might be ALF or at home with the hendersons... ;)

  2. I feel your pain!lol! Following from MBC and looking forward to reading more!